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Orthomosaic Mapping

Orthomosaic maps are created by stitching multiple overlapping drone aerial images, via mapping software, into a single geometrically corrected or “orthorectified” aerial map.  Orthomosaic maps provide high-resolution image quality and true-to-scale relative accuracy of the earth’s surface.  Orthomosaic maps can also provide a high level of absolute or global accuracy by implementing ground control points.

Topographic Mapping

Millions of X,Y,Z data points are generated when a drone collects overlapping aerial images from a typical site.  These data points allow for the creation of topographic maps with contour intervals as dense as 1 ft.  Topographic maps created by drone aerial imagery provide the same relative and absolute accuracy as orthomosaic maps.

Digital Elevation Modeling

Drone aerial imagery is used to create two types of high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs): digital surface models (DSMs) and digital terrain models (DTMs).  DSMs are relief maps representing the earth’s surface, including vegetation, buildings, and other structures.  DTMs are relief maps that represent only the earth’s bare surface.

3D Site Modeling

Stitching overlapping drone aerial images via mapping software allows for the creation of highly detailed photographic 3D site models.  This process also creates point clouds, which are 3D visual representations of the millions of single X,Y,Z data points collected from a typical site using drone aerials.

Commercial and Industrial Inspections

Drone aerial inspections of commercial and industrial facilities can generate both photo and video documentation.  Typical structures benefiting from drone aerial inspections are roofs, exterior and interior building surfaces, aboveground tanks and piping, silos, stacks, towers, wind turbines, solar farms, and other aboveground structures.

Civil Infrastructure Surveys

Civil infrastructure surveys entail using drones to provide high-resolution imagery and mapping deliverables to railroad companies, utility companies, gas pipeline companies, cities, towns, counties, and state agencies.  These services include inspecting railroads, powerlines, pipelines, bridges, roadway pavement, rights of way, sidewalks, trails, dikes, barrier walls, and other critical infrastructure systems.  The drone aerial imagery and data generated from these surveys can be integrated into existing GIS systems and complement infrastructure asset management, redevelopment, and site planning activities.

Example Project Experience

Below is an example of the high definitioin video services


In early July 2018, Wilcox deployed our drone and generated high-resolution aerial imagery, a topographic map and a 3D model used to assist the Town of Speedway Redevelopment Commission in making planning decisions for the project referred to as 2500 North High School Road. The 2500 North High School road project is bordered to the west by I-465, south by Crawfordsville Road and to the east by North High School Road. This currently vacant area of land is a key gateway property for the community of Speedway and is currently in the conceptual design phase for the planned redevelopment. Aerial images from the drone mission were shared and utilized during the public input session held on July 9th. The public input session was well attended, and many Speedway residents shared great ideas for the future redevelopment of the area.

Video S

Wilcox deploys our drone technology on industrial stack test projects which require personnel to access the stacks directly. Utilizing unmanned systems to review site safety conditions allows for safer working conditions for our staff and better performance on all of our stack testing projects. Flights are pre-planned from the office prior to mobilization and fully autonomous. Flights render a real-time 3D-model while collecting photographic and video documentation for future review. 

Wilcox deployed our drone to generate an up to date aerial image of an active industrial facility. The monitoring well network extends into nearby residential and commercial properties. Wilcox deployed our drone to autonomously fly the entire 200 acres generating well over 2,000 images. Imagery was stitched together to generate a single aerial image to be used for accurate 2cm mapping purposes.

Wilcox performed a drone aerial mapping and 3D modeling project of a 1.5 million square foot warehouse distribution facility in northern Illinois. Traditional inspections typically require access to be managed using cranes and baskets putting personnel at rick and limiting the types of inspections and documentation which can be performed. By utilizing drone technology Wilcox was able to autonomously generate thousands of aerial images for documenting as-built conditions of the roof installation. Once a flight is planned it can be used on subsequent annual inspections reducing costs even more.

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Wilcox continues to grow our drone aerial mapping services

Wilcox continues to grow our drone aerial mapping services and we are pleased to share some examples of our work. The below link is a high-resolution orthomosaic aerial map of a 145-acre area comprised of 460 overlapping images collected by a drone from 350 ft. above...

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