About Us

Steven B. Wilcox

President & CEO

Experience: 33 years

Melissa Wilcox

General Manager

Experience: 29 years

Scott Stoldt, CPG, LPG, PG

Executive Director

Experience: 27 years

Scott Nelson

Director of Business Development

Experience: 22 years

Kelly Hampton

Accounting & Human Resources Manager

Experience: 32 years

James M. King, Ph.D., LPG, RPG, CPG

Senior Consultant

Experience: 44 years

Jeremy S. Kinman, LPG

Associate Technical Director

Experience: 21 years

Scott Connors, LPG, RPG

Sr. Project Manager, Due Diligence Manager

Experience: 30 years

Heather Rochford

Sr. Project Manager

Experience: 20 years

Marsha Gray

Senior Account Representative

Experience: 27 years

Patrick Higgins

Senior Account Representative

Experience: 22 years

Greg Alfrey

Project Manager

Experience: 15 years

Jonathan Lloyd

Project Manager

Experience: 14 years

Alexis Litz

Project Manager

Experience: 6 years

John Laatsch

Staff Scientist

Experience: 29 years

Our Vision Statement


Our founding vision in 1994 to provide innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for each project stands true today. Since our inception, we have successfully partnered with a wide base of clients spanning industrial and commercial sectors to address each unique environmental and regulatory need.

Wilcox Environmental Engineering, Inc. is a unique assembly of engineering and science-based professionals passionate about providing impeccable service and quality resources. At Wilcox, we provide a full range of environmental consulting services. We are a unique assembly of engineering and science-based professionals passionate about our client’s most pressing problems.

Our corporate office is located in Speedway, Indiana with satellite locations in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Hamilton, Ohio. Check out our contact page for more information.

Our key services include impacted property cost recovery assistance; soil and groundwater sampling, analysis and reporting; Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments; air permitting and compliance assistance; data management and graphic services; drone site analysis; site economic development; insurance support services; dry cleaner support; and litigation support services. Learn more about our services here.

Our client’s success stories speak to our success as a business. Read about our selected case studies and how diverse our client-base really is.

Wilcox prides itself on being a steward of information relating to our industry and the industries we service. Read more about these topics on our blogs page.

Contact us toll free: 877.683.8378 or send general inquiries to: info@wilcoxenv.com

Why Wilcox?

We invest ourselves personally and professionally into each project. Our client’s success stories speak to our success as a business. Our unmatched expertise in engineering, geology, chemistry, environmental sciences, industrial hygiene, and environmental risk management set us apart from the industry norm.