Dick Wolfsie, with WISH-TV, recently interviewed Wilcox’s VP of Business Development, Jim Nance, about drones and how these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are used in hobby and commercial applications. The interview took place at Roundtripper Sports Academy (RSA) in Westfield, Indiana. During the interview, Jim and a few other RC pilots demonstrated several RC drones, helicopters and airplanes in-flight. Jim and his fellow RC pilots meet at RSA on Saturday night throughout the winter to fly their RC aircraft. Jim is also a member of the Viehe RC Flyers, an outdoor RC flying club located near Lebanon. Jim has been building and flying RC airplanes and helicopters for 10 years.

Jim is leading a team at Wilcox that is exploring applications in which drones can be used in environmental consulting. Wilcox is also preparing to file for the FAA Section 333 exemption, Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA), which will allow Wilcox to legally use drones as part of its business operations. The exemption is currently required until the FAA releases its final rules on commercial drone use. Jim and the entire Wilcox team are excited about using the rapidly-developing drone technology in the future.