Data Management & GIS Services

Wilcox Data Management Services

Wilcox provides industry leading data management services that utilize cloud-based solutions to provide our clients with robust and efficient data acquisition, management, analysis, and reporting. Wilcox has built its data management practice to provide low-cost, fast startup with industry-leading security and quality assurance practices. Whether provided as part of our Investigation and Remediation Services or as a stand-alone service, Wilcox’s solutions focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness over the long haul to ensure that you get the greatest value out of your data.

Wilcox provides our clients with significant value by improving data accessibility while keeping capital investments low.

  • Robust Data Management System – Wilcox utilizes a variety of industry-leading software, including EQuIS™, within a secure, cloud-based environment.
  • Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) provide efficient delivery of laboratory, field, and spatial data into the data management system
  • Legacy Data can be imported and integrated along with current data.
  • Standardized reporting mixed with custom configurations enable us to design client specific reports in a timely and effective manner.
  • Workflows designed to ensure industry best management practices are kept in mind while ensuring the best value and legal defensibility is retained.
  • Document management that provides for integration of source documentation, spatial information, and use requirements.
  • Spatial Integration of all relevant data so that you can view your information in a way that makes sense, utilizing the power of GIS.

Wilcox works with our clients to provide the level of data management service required. Whether you are in need of a full service, hosted solution for all your environmental data or simply need guidance on how to manage your company’s data, or anywhere in between, we can provide services to meet your needs.