Lacy has a BS in Geology and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College. Lacy brings more than 11 years of experience in the Environmental Consulting and Data Management field. For the past eight years she has specialized in environmental data management and visualization. Lacy has experience in data management system development and implementation as well as project management and workflow analysis. Lacy’s professional experience also includes geology/hydrogeology, specializing in subsurface investigations, delineation of contaminant plumes, aquifer testing, groundwater modeling, and technical QA/QC.

Lacy is a Licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Illinois. Lacy has experience in groundwater modeling utilizing USGS MODFLOW to develop regional groundwater models along with fate and transport modeling, PEST Calibration, and MODPATH modeling in support of various remediation efforts. Lacy is also experienced in geologic data analysis and interpretation, including conceptual site model development and has worked on RCRA sites.

Lacy serves on the board for the annually presented International Conference on Environmental Data Management and provides expertise in environmental data management. She has implemented enterprise data management systems, specializing in EQuIS™ data management software. Lacy also has experience with a variety of data visualization tools, including ArcGIS®, Grapher™, and Tableau®. Lacy has successfully integrated data management with graphics and visualization support on a number of projects. Lacy’s workflow analysis enables efficient, accurate data collection, data loading, and data validation procedures. She also works closely with project managers and her clients to develop reporting and analysis functions that provide accurate and timely decision support tools.