Wilcox Environmental Engineering, Inc. has announced it’s now providing drone services in conjunction with its environmental consulting services. Wilcox’s drone services include:

• General aerial photography and videography

• Project progress documentation

• Site inspection and reconnaissance

• Orthorectified imagery

• 3D surface modeling

• Volumetric analysis

• Topographic mapping

• GIS-integrated imagery

Wilcox anticipates providing additional drone services in the future. Jim Nance, Senior Vice President, will direct Wilcox’s drone services program. Nance, an experienced RC aircraft hobbyist, recently earned the FAA’s UAS Remote Pilot Certificate, which is required to use drones for commercial purposes. Wilcox is also currently training other employees to use drones.

Nance said “Wilcox will use drones in numerous service areas, such as providing standard aerial photography for Phase I environmental assessments to more complex tasks such as generating topographic maps and 3D surface models for investigation and remediation projects. There is a growing demand for high-resolution, georeferenced aerial imagery, and drone technology complements our expanding GIS and information management services.”

Contact Jim Nance at jnance@wilcoxenv.com for additional information regarding Wilcox’s drone services.