Alexis joined Wilcox 5 years ago following her Bachelor’s in Geology from Hanover College. Alexis has shined in both field sampling and remediation efforts for both petroleum and chlorinated sites with a particular focus on Vapor Intrusion. She has already embraced a range of project management roles for numerous high-profile Wilcox projects and she will be pursuing her professional geologist license soon.

Alexis Lynn Litz has five years of experience in the environmental consulting industry as a geologist and recently served as Staff Geologist II involved in several phases of Site investigation including remediation, monitoring, installation, analysis and reporting at Sites all over the state of Indiana. Alexis has served as field team leader responsible for conducting and overseeing field work, including excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, remedial injections, monitoring well installation, drilling oversight, and groundwater sampling. She has assisted project managers in reporting for Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) projects and report results to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) including Initial Site Investigation (ISC), Further Site Investigation (FSI), Remediation Work Plan (RWP), Corrective Action Plan (CAP), ongoing remediation phases, and Quarterly Corrective Action Plan Reports (CAPR). Additional experience includes conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments including the initial site walk, review of historical documents, interviewing and reporting.

Alexis had the following to say about her new role: “I’m very excited to be promoted to Project Manager at Wilcox. It is so fulfilling to be recognized as an emerging leader on this amazing team. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to contribute and make a difference.”