Wilcox Environmental Engineering continues its hiring surge by welcoming two new employees. Nathan Muller will be taking on the role of Project Scientist and Serena Swango joins Wilcox as a Field Geologist.

Nathan has over 9 years of experience in environmental consulting. He has managed numerous projects involving air, soil, bedrock, and groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, herbicides, dyes, and industrial chemicals. He has successfully completed hundreds of subsurface investigations and remedial actions at sites regulated by various federal and state environmental statutes in diverse environmental settings.

Nathan’s responsibilities as Project Manager for Wilcox include involvement in all phases of site investigation and remediation including health and safety plans, risk assessments, remediation system assessments, regulatory interaction, site characterization and development of conceptual site model, vapor intrusion investigation, planning, sub-contract coordination, permitting, monitoring, technical reporting, and corrective action planning for several petroleum and chlorinated solvent sites.

Serena Ann Swango has two years of experience in the environmental consulting industry as a geologist and currently serves as Field Geologist involved in multiple phases of Site investigation including investigation, remediation, installation, and analysis at sites across the state of Indiana. Serena has served as a field team leader on over 15 environmental sites and has been responsible for conducting and overseeing field work, including excavation and disposal of soil, monitoring well installation, drilling oversight, ground water sampling, and vapor sampling.