Scott Connors, LPG, RPG

Sr. Project Manager/Geologist, Investigation & Remediation Services


Scott has over 20 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry as a geologist. He joined Wilcox 1n 2016 and currently serves as Senior Project Manager at Wilcox Environmental Engineering where he is involved in all phases of site investigation and remediation, including proposal, bid acquisition, permitting, monitoring, installation, analysis, and reporting. He is responsible for managing large and complex projects from the point of initial consultation and preparing client proposals, to the oversight of field work, arranging for permits, monitoring progress, and providing analysis and reporting upon completion to the clients, attorneys, insurers, regulatory officials, and other various stakeholders. Scott qualifies as an Environmental Profession and serves as the due diligence / Phase I Environmental Site Assessment / All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) subject matter expert.

Scott has experience in planning and initiating remediation at petroleum and solvent sites with a variety of technical approaches including excavation and disposal, excavation combined with injection, and installation of many types of mechanical remediation systems (air sparge, soil vapor extraction, groundwater extraction and multi-phase extraction).

He has served as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Professional Geologists of Indiana (PGI). He currently serves as Community Environmental Liaison for the Town of Speedway, Indiana.