By R. Scott Stoldt, CPG, LPG, PG – Technical Director Investigation & Remediation Services Division

Years ago, as part of IDEM’s roll-out of the 2012 Remediation Closure Guide (RCG), a companion guide (the Remediation Program Guide, RPG) was released to provide specific direction in applying the new RCG guide to site closure. Under Section 1.4 of the RPG, a Transition Policy was included to assist with the changeover from the previous Risk Integrated System of Closure (RISC) to RCG. As part of the Transition Policy, a 6-month window was afforded to those parties wishing to pursue closure under the RISC guidance; effectively giving those parties until September 22, 2012 to submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for IDEM approval.

On June 12, 2018 IDEM published an announcement to clarify its position on the Transition Policy for petroleum sites ( The announcement served to explain that any revision or addendum to a CAP after the September 22, 2012 transition date, should have been transitioned to the RCG in accordance with the Transition Policy.

Specifically, IDEM’s announcement states:

“No site should be proceeding under any guidance other than the RCG except under a CAP, CAPA[addendum], [revised]RCAP, or the like which was submitted and approved in accordance with the Transition Policy and which has not been amended in any way after its approval.” [added for clarity]

IDEM further expanded that, unless approved in accordance with the Transition Policy, any Excess Liability Trust Fund claim seeking reimbursement for RISC-related activity incurred after July 31, 2018 (or the next quarterly event) would be denied.

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