Nathan C. Muller, CHMM

Senior Project Manager


Nathan Muller has over 11 years of experience in environmental consulting. He has managed numerous projects involving air, soil, bedrock, and groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, herbicides, dyes, and industrial chemicals. He has successfully completed hundreds of subsurface investigations and remedial actions at sites regulated by various federal and state environmental statutes in diverse environmental settings. He has also conducted numerous emergency response operations in a petroleum retail facility setting to include product containment, abatement and recovery.

Nathan currently serves as Senior Project Manager involved in all phases of site investigation and remediation, including proposal, bid acquisition, permitting, monitoring, installation, analysis, reporting, and budgeting. He is responsible for field project management of large and complex phases of field work, including environmental construction projects, such as the excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, and underground storage tank removals. He manages complex projects in the Leaking Underground Storage Tank, State Cleanup, and Voluntary Remediation Program and reports results to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management including Initial Site Investigation, Further Site Investigation, Corrective Action Plan, ongoing remediation phases, and Quarterly Corrective Action Plan Reports.