Jeremy S. Kinman, LPG

Associate Technical Director


Mr. Kinman joined Wilcox in 2004 as a staff geologist before becoming a Project Manager in 2012, a Senior Project Manager in 2013, and the Associate Technical Director in 2019. 

He is a Licensed Professional Geologist in Indiana, and Professional Geologist in Kentucky with more than 20 years of experience in environmental consulting with a focus on contaminated site management.

His diversified professional experience includes mentorship of staff, geologic and hydrogeologic data collection, data analysis and interpretation, conceptual site model analysis, human risk assessment, vapor intrusion investigation and remediation, client relations management, health and safety management, environmental compliance, regulatory negotiations, and overseeing quality assurance processes. He also assists with training staff, making sure current industry practices are applied, providing technical oversight on compliance and management concerns, and engaging and assisting government officials with regulation, policy, and rule interpretation. He has worked in both supporting and management roles on numerous investigation and remediation projects regulated by state and federal programs primarily involving chlorinated solvent and petroleum hydrocarbon impacts. He was also the lead field geologist for the Indiana Mine Subsidence Program supervising over 20 subsidence investigations. His unique background as a field geologist for many years before transitioning into a technical role brings an exclusive perspective to solving investigation and remediation challenges. He currently serves as President on the Board of Directors for the Professional Geologists of Indiana (PGI) and as a Community Environmental Liaison for the City of Martinsville, Indiana.