Heather Rochford

Sr. Project Manager, Investigation & Remediation Services


Heather Rochford has over fourteen years of experience in the environmental industry providing technical analysis and planning of remediation activities for soil and groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, organic solvents, and toxic metals at commercial and industrial sites.

Heather’s responsibilities and experience as a Senior Project Manager include responsibility for all aspects of site investigation and remediation of multiple petroleum, chlorinated solvent, and industrial sites.  Experienced in the areas site-specific health and safety plans, regulatory agency interaction, and preparation of technical reports throughout the investigation and closure process; site characterization and development of conceptual site model, vapor intrusion investigation and mitigation, remedial option evaluation and implementation of remedial activities.

Heather has conducted extensive file reviews of environmentally impacted sites necessary to render professional opinion relevant to environmental and human health risks prior to property acquisition. Perform emergency response/first responder activities in response to release of petroleum.  Additional activities included: coordination and supervision of all aspects of a project life cycle including health and safety, interpretation of data, report preparation, development of a site-specific conceptual site model, site-specific closure objectives, preliminary risk assessments of potential pathways and receptors, and implementation of remediation and mitigation activities. Successfully achieved regulatory closure of numerous project sites.