In light of the recent warehouse fire on Belmont Avenue in Indianapolis, we at Wilcox want to reiterate just how important it is not to take asbestos testing for granted.

Asbestos affects everyone.

Basically, if your building was built over 35-40 years ago, it may already have asbestos in it, and by now, it’s already a problem. Unless you’re planning on demolishing or renovating the property, by law you have already taken the first steps to ensure that your property is asbestos-free (or made to be less of a threat). However, like the warehouse on Belmont Avenue, your property could still be in use (even if it’s just for storage) and have the potential of airborne toxins.

The lesson learned from this incident: it’s better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to asbestos testing.

What is asbestos?

Here are some examples of what asbestos looks like. As you can see, it can cover a large area; everything that is white is actually asbestos!

(asbestos on a Boiler)

(asbestos on a transit panel)

Because the natural qualities in asbestos make it flame-retardant and durable, it has been used to manufacture a wide-range of products. Most products containing asbestos are not deemed to be an immediate hazard, however, because asbestos was used in building materials for many years, older buildings themselves pose the biggest risk—especially when they are ready to be demolished or renovated. When the asbestos partials become airborne and inhaled, they attach to your lungs and could inevitably develop into mesothelioma.

Leave well enough alone.

If you think your facility has the potential for asbestos being released into the air, do not attempt to remediate the area yourself. Let the trained and certified professionals at Wilcox assist you with the abatement process. Contact us today at 317-472-0999.