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Jennifer Phillippe, LPG

Jennifer Phillippe, LPG

Sr. Project Manager/Geologist, Investigation & Remediation Services

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Jennifer Phillippe has nearly a decade of environmental consulting experience in Indiana and California working on commercial, municipal, and industrial sites with organic solvent, petroleum, herbicide/pesticide, and metal impacted media, including surface and subsurface soil and groundwater. As a Senior Project Manager, Jenny is involved in all phases of site investigation and remediation including project planning and oversight, proposal and work scope generation, client and regulatory correspondence, subcontractor coordination, conceptual site model (CSM) preparation and review, reporting, and remediation design for multiple locations throughout Indiana.  Her additional responsibilities include overseeing the company-wide quarterly monitoring and reporting program and technical and quality-control review of outgoing petroleum proposals and reports.

Jenny’s professional experience includes developing and implementing a variety of remediation approaches, excavation, mechanical systems, monitored natural attenuation (MNA), plume stability, ozone injection, insitu chemical oxidation (ISCO), insitu chemical reduction (ISCR), and risk-based pathway elimination based on site-specific data and conditions.  She is also experienced in developing Site-specific Quality Assurance Program Plans (QAPPs) and Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs) in association with US EPA grants for brownfield redevelopment.

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